BOT Lease (Eurasia) LLC was established in 2007 and became the first Japanese general service leasing company in Russia. Nowadays BOT Lease (Eurasia) LLC is providing leasing service to Japanese companies operating in Russia, as well as to Russian and European customers, exploring stable cooperative partnership with Japanese equipment makers and big trading companies.
Being an emerging market, Russia offers a favorable environment for the development of leasing service market, since leasing is considered to be one of the most effective financial instruments for long-term planning.
BOT Lease (Eurasia) LLC makes good contribution to global trade development and economy of Russia by implementing leasing projects and in that way supporting Japanese equipment makers to promote their products on the Russian market and also improving Russian companies performance through adoption of Japanese quality equipment and advanced Japanese technologies.
Company Name
BOT Lease (Eurasia) LLC.
March 2007
Line of Business
Leasing (general assets) and other associated services
General Director / Tetsuhisa Hayashi
  • BOT Lease Co., Ltd. 100%
Number of Employees
46 (as of March 31, 2016)
550,904,583.01 RUB
Business Center "Amber Plaza," 36 Krasnoproletarskaya St., Moscow, 127473, Russia
Production equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles, construction machinery, etc.
Customer Needs
Long-term fixed financing, accelerated depreciation, foreign currency based leases, and sales financing
March 2007
Established BOT Lease (Eurasia) LLC. (put into service in December 2007)

Address: Business Center "Amber Plaza" 36 Krasnoproletarskaya st., Moscow, 127473, Russia

Telephone: 7-495-775-7535

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