Software Leasing(Software Program Leasing)


With this form of leasing, BOT Lease acquires usage rights (license acquisition) for software from software writers, vendors, and other parties that establish usage rights, and relicenses those rights to customers.

Scheme Diagram

Software Leasing (Software Program Leasing)


1. Financing Support

Since a lump sum payment is made for the software acquisition fee by BOT Lease to the party which establishes usage rights for the software, the customer’s financial burden can be reduced when obtaining the software because the customer provides payment to BOT Lease through fixed monthly payments.

2. Supports Acquisition of Various Type of Software

Although there various types of software exist, from developed software to software packages, there are a wide variety of software types available through leasing.

3. Support for Proper Usage

Proper protection of the rights of the software writer

Targeted Assets

Usage rights of software developed by the customer or usage rights of software developed by software manufacturers or other parties for use by the customer (includes all types of general purpose software)

Contract Period

Normally 5 years (however, if the software is delivered together with hardware, the contract period will be based on the service life of the hardware)

Right to use established by

Software writers, vendors, etc. (both BOT Lease and the customer are the licensees)

Midterm Cancellation

Normally not permitted

Lease End Procedures

BOT Lease will send a lease expiration notice to the customer three months before the lease is scheduled to expire. Customers can select one of the options listed below regarding the handling of leased software at the end of the lease period.

  • Re-lease contract (When the assets will continue to be used)
  • When the assets will not continue to be used, the customer will provide a “Certificate of Non-Use of software”

Contact Information

Corporate Business Strategies Division(for scheme information)
TEL 03-3270-5275
Corporate Business Strategies Division Asset Solution Office (for information about lease end procedures)
TEL 03-3270-5267
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