Maintenance Leasing
(alternative maintenance fee collection)


This service is an optional lease asset maintenance service that can be provided with finance leasing, operating leasing, and other forms of leasing under the condition that BOT Lease enters a maintenance consignment contract with a maintenance company. Adding a maintenance contract to the lease contract allows customers to manage the lease contract and maintenance contract as a single contract and pay lease fees, including maintenance service fees, at fixed amounts.

Scheme Diagram

Finance Leasing with Maintenance


1. Asset Use Safety Support

Adding the maintenance service option allows for fast repair in the event that assets are damaged or out of operation (maintenance service coverage is limited to that established by the maintenance consignment contract).

2. Payment Task Support

The ability to pay maintenance fees together with lease fees to BOT Lease reduces payment tasks since a single payment is made to a single payee.

3. Direct Support from the Maintenance Company

It is not necessary to contact BOT Lease when maintenance is necessary. Customers can contact the maintenance company directly which allows for fast service.

4. Paperwork Support

Customers can enjoy the same benefits associated with finance leasing, such as support for fixed asset tax return filing and payment, asset disposal procedure support, and tax reduction/subsidy system support.

Targeted Assets

Information equipment, business equipment, production equipment, civil engineering/construction machinery, transport equipment, commercial equipment, medical equipment, inspection and measurement systems, environment/energy equipment, etc.

Asset Ownership

BOT Lease(lessor)

Asset Management and Maintenance

Maintenance company contracted by BOT Lease (lessor)

Midterm Cancellation

Normally not permitted

Lease End Procedures

BOT Lease will send a lease expiration notice to the customer three months before the lease is scheduled to expire. Customers can select one of the options listed below regarding the handling of leased assets at the end of the lease period. If the assets are being returned, BOT Lease will sort valuable assets from waste materials and properly dispose of waste materials in accordance with environmental laws. In addition, the maintenance contract will expire with the lease simultaneously.

  • Re-lease contract (When the assets will continue to be used. At this time, the maintenance contract can be updated)
  • Return the leased assets to the location specified by BOT Lease (when the assets will not continue to be used)

Contact Information

Corporate Business Strategies Division(for scheme information)
TEL 03-3270-5275
Asset Management Division (for information about lease end procedures)
TEL 03-3270-5267
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